Bakers Colours & Flavour


Bakers Colours and Flavour (India) is a part of the Bakers Group, headquartered in Coimbatore, South India. The group was established by Sri Vidyasagar Vij, a Punjabi whose travel all the way down South led to the discovery of his muse in 1980.

Feeding the hungry is one of the most satisfying vocations in the world and is a part of the psyche for the common Indian. He ventured into the food category with a revolutionary zeal and long term vision. The Bakers brand was launched with just three products Custard Powder, Corn Flour and Baking Powder in its product range. While all other companies were selling 20kg and 25kg packs Bakers aimed directly at the individual, household kitchens with bakery ingredients and desserts in smaller packs. The aim was to delight the customer with products that suit their palate and taste. To enjoy every meal, have fun every day.

Today we have around 35 products in 77 SKUs and the numbers are still growing. As part of the growth strategy we also have expanded into different markets and the brand is available in all the South Indian States, Goa, Parts of Maharashtra, Punjab and Andaman. We also export regularly to Fiji, Maldives, Qatar and Australia.


Infrastructure & Process

Infrastructure & Process

Our infrastructure is geared to manufacture the highest quality products. With state of the art machinery and maximum levels of hygiene we not only conform to all production standards set by the government but better it by a fair margin.

We use process control where our Quality Control team ensures quality at each step of the process so that our end products are the best in the category and that too at very affordable prices. It starts with having the best quality raw materials, procured from the source to the optimal processes down to quality check for the finished products.

We also have a very committed R & D team. We regularly launch new products after due diligence. We have a system where we do blind product tests to find out whether the taste and flavour are better than the best in the category. Then we use a panel to test the acceptability to the consumer after which we go into the market with the new product.

The Team


We have a team of dedicated professionals from production to marketing and sales who ensure that the company is up to speed on the latest needs and demands of the market.